2000 Litre Grease Arrestor – Sydney Water Approved

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Above Ground Grease Arrestor for removal of fats, oils and greases plus suspended solids from Commercial preparation of foods in restaurants from 200 up to 399 seats, hospital and nursing home kitchens from 200 to 399 patients, function centres with 200 to 399 seats, BBQ restaurants, Hotel/Motel with 200 to 399 visitors plus Wholesale BBQ Pork and Duck cooking.

The units are Sydney Water Approved and built from High Quality non corrodable Fibreglass.

To check the size you need see pages 6 and 7 of the following link.


In stock

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Product Description

The Boat Shaped Sydney Water Approved Grease Arrestor is a trade waste pretreatment device designed to remove fats , oils, grease and suspended solids from commercial food preparation in Cafes, Restaurants,Canteens and Hospitals etc.

The Objective of pretreatment is to modify commercial trade wastewater to at least the discharge standards set by the local authorities.

Our units are built from FRP to a quality that exceeds most units on the market.

Stainless steel units are available. POA.


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